If You Have An Insurance Problem,
You Need An Insurance Alternative!

Stop Being Held ‘Captive’
By The Insurance Industry

It pays to take notice when over half of the Fortune 500 companies have started their own insurance companies – some own more than one. Smart people follow the money!

Sometimes these are called ‘captive’ insurers, or ‘insurance alternatives’. The name doesn’t matter as much as what they accomplish:

  • Gives you control over your claims. A major point as the standard insurance industry has a reputation of “throwing money” at claims.
  • Captures the investment income for you, not a third party insurer.
  • Reduce operating costs. The insurance industry is notoriously inefficient!
  • Allows you to purchase high limit ‘reinsurance' wholesale.

Volumes have been written on this phenomenon but these four  bullet points condense the essence of why Fortune 500 companies have lead the way in reducing their insurance costs, in many cases up to 50% or more!.

Please keep in mind that large successful companies rarely make emotional decisions. They are driven by what they call “hurdle rates” meaning that any allocation of corporate resources must pencil out to provide a rate of return greater than what other options might produce.

So, all in all, by starting an insurance alternative you are joining some very savvy companies. This may take the form of a Risk Retention Group or a Risk Purchasing Group, or other forms of a captive.

Now perhaps you can understand why over 4,600 other organizations have chosen to emulate the Fortune 500 that have broken free and converted their large uncontrollable insurance expense into a very secure and substantial profit center.


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Whether you are a large single insurance buyer, represent an industry group, or an insurance program agent/manager Polaris has a better solution for your hard-to-place insurance.

When you consider the fact that industry experts project up to 53% of the U.S. liability insurance market has already joined some form of an alternative program that suggests you, who have not, are subsidizing this shortfall to the insurance industry.

Don't think for a minute that there are fewer insurers than before 53% of the liability insurance volume left! So, you as part of the remaining 47% are paying 100% of their bloated overhead.

Learn How Smart People From These Industries ‘Opted Out’ Leaving You Stuck Year After Year With Overpriced Capricious Insurers.

Accountants, Ambulances, Auto Dealers, Aviation, Bars, Carnivals, Campgrounds, Colleges, Contractors, Distributors, Fireworks, Guards, Hazard Waste, Healthcare, Hotels, Hospitals, Law Firms, Long Haul Trucking, Machine Shops – Tool & Die, Manufacturing, Medical Clinics, Motels, Municipalities, Nightclubs, Para-transit, Physicians, Realtors, Resorts, Restaurants, Retailers, Schools, Service Providers, Sports, Taverns, Taxis, Tow Trucks, and Warranty Companies

Now You Have A Choice Whether to
“Rent or Own” Your Insurance Alternative

Polaris has identified 308 insurers who have broken ranks with the majority (over 3,400 ) insurers who are hell bent to hold you captive and these select few are willing to offer you customized pricing and terms in cost effective insurance alternative solutions.

Let us assist you in determining whether you are better off “renting” from the general insurance marketplace or if you would be better served by creating you own insurance risk bearing insurance company. Either way you will win! Now you do have choices.

What Kind of Insurance Works Best?

Most successful insurance alternatives are based off of a form of liability insurance. This could be products liability, completed operations, contractual liability, worker's compensation, vehicular liability, employment practices and all forms of professional liability for medicine, law and accounting. That's not to say that other forms could not be successful but these are the most popular.

You No Longer Have To Be Bullied Around

Why not join the 4,600 organizations that have successfully cut their insurance cost up to 50% or more.  Stop being bullied around and let Polaris put our decades of experience to work for you in creating a permanent long term solution for your insurance problems. Just think what you could do with your savings to enhance your business from the excess dollars you are slavishly sending to the insurance industry.

Where Does The 50% Savings Come From?

While this is a complex subject, the bottom-line is pretty simple. The typical insurance company needs 27% or more of your premium dollar to pay their overhead. A well run captive operates for less than half that amount.

Insurers typically do not share their investment income with you. Warren Buffett has figured this out and makes billions off of the float from his insurance operations. But for our calculations, let's assume you will hold onto claims dollars meant for future payment of claims for three years at four percent interest. That will add a few of points of return per year.

The largest difference is in the reduction of claims. Most insurance companies run at a 65% or higher loss ratio. A well run captive will be half that number. To summarize:

Reduced operating expenses

Investment income

Reduced claims






You Also Get to Buy Wholesale!

No insurance company holds 100% of their risks net to their accounts. They keep that portion that they are comfortable with and sell the remainder to reinsures. Typically, they sell it off for 30 to 40 cents on the dollar. Now you too can buy “wholesale”!  These savings are on top of the operational savings outlined above.  Now perhaps you have a clearer idea of why so many of the Fortune 500 own their own insurance companies.


How to Overcome Your Insurance Problems

You do not have to be an insurance expert to gain the benefits of an insurance alternative for your purposes. Let Polaris put their decades of experience to work for you. We are not insurance agents, brokers, or consultants, but rather facilitators who get paid for results.

We will design a program exclusively for you that provides the greatest range of benefits and ensures that you will control your own insurance destiny. 

You don’t have to start from scratch – you can license our success and we’ll provide your own exclusive solution.

We’ve build a worldwide base of associates who will help open each door to you that until now have been the exclusive club for those holding you captive.

Our model will save you months, to a year or more, in time and countless dollars by eliminating unnecessary steps, studies and expenses. The Polaris team will use our expertise to get you quick relief from your insurance problems.

Here’s What Some of Our Clients Have to Say About Polaris

"The Polaris team handled our nearly impossible marketing needs with great expertise and guided us through each step of the way. Our captive insurance company was set up on time and on budget. If you have a difficult assignment call Polaris."  John N. Mason,

President Chenango Brokers, NY"

"Our company supplies physicians who specialize in Geriatric care, typically in the patients’ home.

We found that most insurance companies were classifying us for our professional liability coverage the same as physicians who are rendering care in nursing homes – a huge difference in exposure and cost.

In desperation, we turned to Polaris to help us establish a Risk Retention Group to help reduce costs and to stabilize the availability of insurance.

I am delighted to tell you that Polaris provided all of the ingredients necessary to turn our dream into reality. You can trust Polaris to be there for you every step of the way."

 A. H. Ajiri, President
Advanced Physicians Insurance RRG

We have prepared a Special Report revealing the Seven Secrets that the insurance industry never wanted you to know. It is yours for registering below. Once you have reviewed it, if you feel you are ready to take the next step to breaking the expensive and insidious bondage to the insurance industry please feel free to give us a call. No obligation – all in complete confidence.

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Why Smart People Choose Polaris

While Polaris is a smaller firm, our contacts are among the best in the industry. And you will deal directly with a principal of the firm, not be handed off to multiple departments for regulatory, policy forms, reinsurance, legal, etc.

Polaris does not function as an insurance agent or broker, nor as a consultant. Instead, we are facilitators, who earn our fees based upon performance.  Yes, we do require a reasonable retainer to make sure you are serious. However, we are so confident in our ability to provide you with a workable solution that we will return your retainer if we should fail to meet our mutually agreed upon goals.

Yep, that’s right. If we do not deliver, you get your retainer back and we’ll part as friends.

Cameron R. Crebs, President

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